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I am naturally psychic and intuitive and have developed these gifts through professional training in the field with Charles Virtue ( Son of Doreen Virtue PHD) I am a Certified Angel Angel Healer and have been actively learning and developing holistic counseling and healing methods. I am also an ex banker with 10 years of experience in the corporate world.

I would like to elaborate on how I was guided to be a healer.Although religious and spiritual from childhood, I never had any inclinations in pursuing spirtualism until “Angels “ chose to enter my life in the darkest hour of my life. This was the time I had lost complete faith in myself and the creator. I had become pessimist and had resigned myself to my fate. At this point in time I was introduced to my mentor Charles Virtue, who helped me understand that I was not alone in this journey of life but had the divine helpers in form of Angels. I was made to understand that “I” and only”I” was the script writer of my destiny and these divine helpers would help me in this journey .Needless to say that when I welcomed Angels in my life, my life took a 360 degree change in a positive direction. I then determined that I would henceforth “CEASE” to “EXIST” and “CHOOSE “ to “LIVE” my life.

Today I work very closely with angels to give correct and accurate guidance to my clients on their life path. This is my way of repaying the “Debt of Gratitude” to the Angels